With a background in computer science and digital communication, Marion started working as a Web Consultant in Paris. Since 2019, she collaborated with organizations and NGOs in projects related to sustainable development and water issues around the Mediterranean. She is always looking to contribute and find solutions to the social and environmental challenges we are facing. Being part of REVOLVE demonstrates her will to work with experts who make things happen. Marion enjoys spending time in nature, cooking and sharing her passion for meditation.

I’m sustainable

I recycle at home. I use water filters instead of buying plastic bottles. I use environmental-friendly products and cosmetics. When possible, I support local businesses.

The future I want

I wish to see people more mindful of their behaviours towards nature, more respectful of the natural resources we have (fresh water and food) especially in developing countries. I would love cities to boost the implementation of natural solutions to tackle the effect of climate change and pollution. They already exist, it’s a question of raising awareness and convincing the right actors that this is the way to go!

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Online marketing and communication
Social media
Website management
Website design

Area of interests

Sustainable development
Water preservation
Human rights
Health & Wellness