Welcome to a world of sustainability!

If you are a student enrolled in an undergraduate or Master’s program or an entry-level young professional looking to make a big leap into sustainability, then you are in the right place.


We offer first-hand experience on the front lines of communicating sustainability, giving you access to the complexities of content development and the intricacies of project management.


You will gain skills that you never expected and will advance your career in ways that may surprise you. Working at REVOLVE is a new adventure every day. We are constantly learning and every day is a new adventure at REVOLVE.


In practical terms, if you are based in Barcelona or Brussels, then you are most welcome to come visit our offices; if you are remote, that’s not a problem, everything is digital now.


- Support with content development
- Support with social media planning
- Research topics you’re interested in!
- Manage media partnerships for events
- Assist with impact reporting and tracking


To be considered for an internship or entry-level position at REVOLVE, please prepare the following documents:

1 Your CV including relevant experience and your LinkedIn profile.
2 Motivation Letter stating why you want to work on sustainability issues at REVOLVE.
3 Reference Letter or a Letter from your University if necessary or requested.

Take it from them…

Good To Know

REVOLVE offers 3-6 month internships at its offices. If you are enrolled in an academic program, then the internships are non-remunerated and may count towards your credits for a given academic year, depending on your program.

REVOLVE also offers the opportunity for you to pursue your remunerated internship with the ERASMUS+ programme, more details here.

For entry-level early professional placement or employment insertion positions, REVOLVE offers 6-12 month periods, with the possibility of renewing the initial 6-month duration. These are remunerated positions according to official early career levels in the given country where we have offices.

In either case, REVOLVE does not cover your health insurance, relocation fees, rent, nor does REVOLVE provide fringe benefits, bonuses or other amenities. Travel and per diems for REVOLVE business or events are covered; and food coupons may be made available for early career positions.

In both cases, you may request a Recommendation Letter from REVOLVE and use your experience to grow your network and knowledge around sustainability issues. You must update your profile on LinkedIn to indicate the time you spent at REVOLVE so it reflects real months.

In pursuit of a career path in communicating sustainability, REVOLVE is a vibrant and kinetic place to work, with flexible hours and motivated teams that are passionate about the environmental and social issues that are defining our times. As the next generation, we want you to get involved too!


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