Nazih Toubal is passionate about forging a path towards a more sustainable and equitable future through clean energy, and environmental consciousness. He is actively advocating for Green Hydrogen deployment in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Africa.

Having lived in multiple countries and developed a fluency in several languages, he strives to connect communities to envision a harmonious and sustainable world that each and everyone can embody through transcending traditional cultural boundaries.

Since 2021, he has been working on EU funding programs (Horizon Europe, Innovation Fund and Life Program) participating in calls for proposals for the C&D Work Packages and Policy sections. Moreover, he developed throughout the years a great interest for innovative breakthrough technologies that could possibly change the way we produce energy, leading to more sustainable practices.

He conducted his PhD research at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) analyzing the Institutional Communication Strategies on Green Hydrogen of the European Commission and the Union for the Mediterranean. He is also the founder of the Mediterranean Hydrogen Alliance, a non-profit organization which aims to stimulate the roll-out of clean hydrogen production and to foster partnerships in the region.

I’m sustainable

I enjoy using my bicycle as much as I can, as well as public transportation. Within my community, I try to raise awareness about sustainability and its principles. I also support regional agricultural practices by buying organically cultivated food sources.

The future I want

I see a world where clean energy powers our cities, and green spaces thrive alongside eco-friendly buildings. Our farms prioritize organic products, and where everyone plays a part in reducing waste and protecting our planet. Education will play a key role in spreading awareness, and inspiring us all to make sustainable choices.

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Area of interests

Energy Policy
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