Jake Threadgould

Communications Officer

Based in Barcelona

A keen multimedia storyteller with a background in journalism, Jake made the leap from his native Scotland to Spain in 2014 with the initial idea of teaching English for a year. A decade later, he still calls Spain home. He holds a degree in Social Anthropology and French from St. Andrews University and worked for several years at Spain’s state news agency, where he honed his writing skills. When it comes to storytelling, he likes to place focus on the human side of global issues. Jake never shed his childhood enthusiasm for wildlife and outside the office he can often be found in nature armed with a pair of binoculars.

I’m sustainable

I source local food, resist fast fashion and prioritize public transport over taking the car when possible. When heading to the beach or a natural area, I will often take a bag to clean up other people’s litter along the way and try, through my stories, to inspire people to get behind initiatives such as rewilding.

The future I want

My dream of a more sustainable future would be one where local communities are empowered with the knowledge and tools for change in the face of government inaction, where powerful companies pay their fair share toward a more livable world for all and where human development progresses in step with our natural world.

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Area of interests

Social Issues