Raised in a creative household, with both parents immersed in radio broadcasting, and artistic painter grandparents engaged in the world of edition, my fascination with music production and art naturally blossomed from a young age. Having spent two years studying Agronomy Engineering, I eventually made a pivotal choice to shift gears towards a more artistic trajectory. This led me to the Editing/Multimedia program at IAD (Institut des Arts de Diffusion), where I delved into the multifaceted realm of Cinema and Radio/TV broadcasting and acquired a spectrum of multimedia production skills such as 3D modeling and animation, special FX/compositing, CD-ROM creation, and Web design. Prior to joining REVOLVE, I had been involved in a myriad of projects over the last 20 years, both as an employee and as a freelance contributor. My roles encompassed Web/UI design, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Design, Multimedia production, and Project management. Additionally, my enduring passion for music has led me to regularly compose music throughout the years.

I’m sustainable

My shopping preferences gravitate heavily towards organic and freshly sourced produce from local farmers and cooperatives. The days of purchasing water encased in plastic bottles are long behind me. Instead, I’ve embraced more sustainable practices. Every year, alongside my two children, I partake in the delightful ritual of planting a variety of fruits and vegetables in our garden. Witnessing their fascination as they reap the literal fruits of their labor is a joy beyond words.

I’m steadfast in my commitment to reducing unnecessary car usage. Opting for leisurely walks or utilizing train journeys whenever feasible aligns with my eco-conscious values. My appreciation extends to brocantes and the realm of second-hand markets dedicated to recycling. These spaces where pre-loved items find new life resonate deeply with me.

The future I want

I hope that in the future, we can transition back to a more sensible way of life, one where consumerism and artificial hype cease to define the norm — a world where people could reconnect with nature, bask in its serenity, and find solace in contemplating the simple joys of life.

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Video Editing
Motion Design
Web/UI Design
Graphic Design
3D modeling
Sound Design/Music Composition