Émile is a graphic designer with ten years of experience in developing visual solutions for various communication campaigns and clients. He has expertise in both print and digital design, as well as significant experience in projects such as branding and logo design, typography, illustration, and layout for magazines and brochures, plus for newsletters and website design.

I’m sustainable

For the last few years, I have been making a point of looking at second-hand options whenever possible. As a result, the majority of the clothes I own are used (with the obvious exception of underwear), which I find important considering how polluting the fashion industry is. To a lesser extent, I have turned to “pre-loved” items for electronics, furniture, etc. Good for my wallet, good for the planet!

The future I want

I firmly disagree with the saying that new is always better. It seems that we are on an accelerating trend of mass-produced disposable goods, of ultra-processed foods, of quickly obsolete high technologies. I would love to see more value being placed on quality over immediacy, craftsmanship over technology, reliability over complexity.

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