Suzan Naz has a BA in political science and international relations from the Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul, Turkey) and MA in European Political and Governance Studies from the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium).

During her BA, she worked as a contributing writer for a US-based think tank, where she discovered her passion for researching and writing on the environment, climate change and sustainability. Before joining REVOLVE, she was a communication trainee at United National Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey, she developed her interest in content creation connected with sustainability and climate action. Prior to that, she worked as a research officer at the 89 Initiative Belgium alongside her MA. She co-authored a research report where she focused on climate action and the interaction between civil society and political actors at the European Union level.

Naz enjoys taking pictures, learning about art, reading, and going on long walks.

I’m sustainable

Growing up, I have always been cautious when it comes to little things that have a substantial influence on our one and only planet, such as not using plastic bottles and being mindful of how much electricity, water, and meat we consume. I was the one who encouraged my family to make more environmentally friendly decisions – taking inspiration from how they had raised me. With increased awareness, I now firmly think that even little, persistent actions taken by every single person can help rescue the planet. I am committed to learning how to expand my sustainable habits and to inspire others

The future I want

I’m trying to communicate my perspective on how a better future is still achievable as a part of a generation now experiencing the effects of the climate crisis. In the future I envision, everyone – including politicians and elderly people – will take responsibility for their actions to achieve one key objective: a world that is climate neutral. I believe a more sustainable and green future is possible, if there is the will to make it happen.

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European Politics
European Green Deal
Content Creation

Area of interests

Increasing climate ambition
Energy and resource efficient buildings
Industry for a clean and circular economy