Gary Leleu

Digital Manager / Web Developer

Based in Brussels

Gary Leleu holds a Master’s in Digital Communications and a diploma as a Computer Technician . With over ten years of experience in web development, Gary leads the development of various EU project websites including, ENERMAPS, INHERIT, HEART, RAPID, AIRCOAT, amongst others. He specializes in Drupal, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, MYSQL, Query, WordPress and server/network maintenance.

I’m sustainable

For 4 years now, I decided to make changes to my daily life. First, I started by eliminating plastic bottles, food packaging in favor of reusable solutions and now I try to buy only products without packaging. Second, I looked to decrease my mobility footprint: whenever I can, I use my electric scooter to get around, and the train when I have to commute to work; but the best solution for deleting transport-related carbon emissions is simply to work from home. Third, for 2 years, I have been growing my own vegetable garden: I built the frames from reclaimed wood from an industrial area near my house and I grow a variety of vegetables that we consume and share with neighbors. Fourth, I reuse as many things as possible around me and I regularly fix things so that I don’t have to throw them away.

If I were to sum up my life, it would be simple: how to reuse.

The future I want

Everyone can do little things in their daily life, but I would like to see real government decision-making in order to effect real change in the global economy.

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