Daniela graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands with a BA in International Studies, specializing in the region of Latin America and learning Portuguese. She continued her academic journey in Brussels and obtained an MA in Multilingual Communication, which allowed her to combine her passions for international relations and languages. Prior to working at REVOLVE, she completed internships at Coimbra Group, an association of European universities, and a travel agency in Portugal. During her studies, she also volunteered at WWF Belgium, where she developed a keen interest in content creation related to sustainability and climate action.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing guitar, going on forest walks, traveling, and practicing yoga.

I’m sustainable

To be more sustainable I try to buy second-hand clothes when I can, find alternatives to plastic as much as possible, and use public transport. I believe my biggest individual contribution to the environment is through my food choices, as I have been eating plant-based for several years now on top of being a vegetarian for more than half my life.

The future I want

My hope for the future is that humans, animals, and nature can live in harmony together. Every person can contribute in their own way to a greener future and I believe that every action, no matter how small, counts. However, we also need the right policies and investments to make sure that planetary boundaries are considered and respected. I hope to see a world with less consumerism and more circularity, less greed and more compassion for all living beings.

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Content creation
Social media

Area of interests

International relations
Biodiversity and ecosystems
Climate action
Sustainable development