Stuart Reigeluth


Based in Brussels

Entrepreneur, writer, editor, ultra-marathoner, chess aficionado, prolific reader, and senior executive advancing strategic communication for the triple-bottom-line of sustainability: what is good for the environment is good for society and can be great for business. Stuart holds an MBA (2015) from the Solvay-Ponts business school (Brussels-Paris) and a MA (2005) in Arab and Middle East Studies from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon. Stuart is the Founder of REVOLVE and has contributed to many publications including Foreign Policy, EurActiv, al-Hayat, El Pais, Gulf News, al-Ahram Weekly, and other Arab and European outlets.

I’m sustainable

I gave up smoking and picked up running – it’s much better for the body and mind. I had a vegetable garden for a few years and shared our produce with the neigbhours – some asked if we expected to be paid. I saved up and bought a heat pump – it was a rare pleasure to see the oil-tank dismantled in the basement of our home. I also plant trees when the occasion arises and I commute by train when I go to the office. In 2022, I helped draft and launch the Sustainability Policy for the REVOLVE Group.

Watch my interview with Alex Walker from IES Abroad about sustainability

The future I want

I believe we can all make a positive impact in our little ways, but that the biggest difference can be made by politicians: we need people in power who see far into the future, not the short-sighted ones who are too often out for a quick win. I don’t think our cities need more metal boxes (hybrid, electric or other) congesting the streets. More bike lanes are great, but more trees would be even better – the two are not mutually exclusive, but trees are most often overlooked. I want to see nature integrated more into the urban fabric of our cities so that biodiversity in its many forms can flourish. I would also like to see more green corridors connecting natural areas in and around cities. I think green credits would be a huge incentive for home-owners to invest in energy transition technologies, and that carbon taxes should be imposed on all companies who contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. I want to see a world emerge that is defined less by the exploitation and more about the restoration of our natural resources.

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Area of interests

Biodiversity and ecosystems
Clean, affordable and secure energy
Industry for a clean and circular economy
Increasing climate ambition
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