Josep Crous-Duran

Project Manager & Science Advisor

Based in Barcelona

For the past 10 years I have worked on the sustainable management of agriculture and forestry, using bio-economic modelling tools. I hold a PhD on the environmental and economic benefits of agroforestry practices in Europe, having published roughly 30 scientific publications with 600 citations in total. Following this research, I realized that research without communication is meaningless, and the dissemination of science methods and their results is key for reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. I joined REVOLVE in 2020 to contribute with my scientific background and sustainability expertise to the team’s communications activities, with the aim of making technology and science accessible for all.

I’m sustainable

My approach changed after my two kids were born, and I became concerned about the future they will inherit. I spend quality time with them in natural habitats, sharing with them my knowledge about nature so they can understand and appreciate its role and importance in our lives.

I also pursue a minimalist lifestyle, reducing my consumption of energy and disposable goods and increasing my understanding and appreciation of the objects that I do really need and that matter to me.

Finally, I try to orientate my family’s diet to reduce our environmental impact, whilst ensuring a good quality and varied diet by favoring local and organic products and reducing our consumption of red meat and ultra-processed food.

The future I want

As most of the global population will live in urban areas in the coming years, I would like to see more green cities: cities full of trees that would improve air quality whilst acting as visual noise barriers and natural corridors between abundant green parks. Green parks specifically designed for society to interact and kids to play safely in contact with nature. These green cities would also be made up of modern buildings and infrastructures that would allow us to maintain our levels of comfort with less environmental impact and would be organized in a way that most of our needs would be met within a 10-minute of bicycle ride.

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