Emin holds a degree in communications and media studies with a focus on sustainable tourism, health, and environmental issues. He began his career as a Communications Assistant in Istanbul with the country's oldest NGO. Later, he participated in the European Solidarity Corps program in Wroclaw, Poland, collaborating with an NGO dedicated to sustainable development and anti-discrimination. During the pandemic, Emin pursued freelance projects related to the circular economy and humanitarian action. In his free time, he explores diverse cuisines, enjoys cycling and hiking, volunteers on farms, swims, and photography. Emin also has a keen interest in team sports and etymology.

I’m sustainable

I use public transportation, bike, limit air travel, opt for handmade products over chemical shampoos, avoid unnecessary clothing purchases, and reduce plastic usage to be more sustainable.

The future I want

I dream cities with safe cycling infrastructure, community involvement in farming and gardening, and a global shift towards less processed and packaged food.

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Community management
Social media management
Crisis management

Area of interests

Water preservation
Environmental health
Sustainable transportation
Marine biology