I have a Degree in Graphic Design since 2008 from the Escuela de Arte Nº10 de Madrid ( N10Madrid School of Art ) and have been working as a professional designer since 2010. I specialized in editorial design, infographics and corporate identity design. I try to combine my work as a designer with teaching, in addition to the development of my personal projects, such as print-making and experimental typography.

I’m sustainable

As a consumer, I try to buy as little as possible on many levels: from products and groceries to the clothes I wear. As far as objects and clothes are concerned, I try to buy them second-hand. I use the car as little as possible too.

I am a print-making teacher. In this aspect, since it is an activity that requires the use of chemicals, paints and oil derivatives, I try to replace them with products with less environmental impact.

The future I want

Regarding urban spaces, prioritize urban green and blue environments through the interconnection of green and blue spaces to promote the use of natural spaces for urban mobility; plus reducing motorized traffic. I would like to see cities with public transport as the backbone for sustainable mobility; improving public transport systems and promoting their usage more broadly.

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Editorial Design
Data Visualization
Corporate Identity