Areti holds an MSc in Climate Change from the University of Copenhagen, specializing in just energy transition. She has worked as a storyteller for a climate education project in Greece and gained communication experience during her internship at Carbon Market Watch. Her primary interests revolve around the social aspects of the climate crisis and exploring ways to decarbonize the world in a fair and inclusive manner. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing the guitar to bring more joy to her day.

I’m sustainable

Being sustainable can be an everyday challenge, and how sustainable someone’s life is probably depends on their reference point.

I pursue a minimalist way of living, much like my grandparents did. I like to buy secondhand stuff, but only when I really need it. I also prefer organic and natural products whenever I can and do my best to avoid taking flights. In the end, I value quality over quantity.

One of the most eco-friendly things I’m planning to do soon is switching to a green bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels.

The future I want

I envision a future where cities are greener, with rooftops decorated by solar panels and gardens. People will no longer need to stress about the warming Earth, thanks to collaborative efforts and ambitious policies aimed at mitigating climate change.

Renewable energy is accessible to everyone, and car-sharing is common among citizens. Public transport is free, and the abundance of green and blue spaces not only cools the cities but also provides relaxation. Energy poverty is non-existent as buildings are energy-efficient, maintaining ideal indoor temperatures. Fewer planes grace our skies as trains have become the most affordable and environmentally friendly transportation option. Wildlife thrives on the city outskirts, and a strong sense of community has emerged through sharing and caring.

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Area of interests

Climate justice
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