Asya Al Marhubi

Communication Officer

Based in Brussels

Asya has a bachelor’s in International Development Studies & Spanish and Latin American Studies from the University of Dalhousie (Halifax, NS, Canada) and Master’s in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility from the Escuela de Organización Industrial (Madrid, Spain). Prior to working with REVOLVE, she was a researcher working on organizational and institutional analysis of water resource and service management, contributing to several projects at the national, EU, and international levels. Asya is also trained in multi-sectoral partnership brokering and has taken part in a number of partnership evaluations and research projects.

I’m sustainable

Asya is a “weekday vegetarian” who buys organic and local produce where possible. She loves upcycling and has been crocheting baskets and from leftover fabric waste and plastic bags for family and friends for the better part of a decade. Having worked in water issues, she is dedicated to using water safe cleaning products and has been called a sustainable feminine hygiene product “evangelist” for having converted some 15 friends to menstrual cups and period underwear. In addition to environmental sustainability, she is a firm believer in importance of ethical production, supporting companies that use recycled fabrics and have proven commitment to using factories that provide fair wages and safe conditions for their workers.

The future I want

Asya envisions a world where people are more connected with nature, even as we become increasingly more urban. By greening our cities, introducing concepts like edible gardens and forests, and strengthening ties between local producers and urban dwellers, she hopes that we can instill a deeper sense of understanding of our natural world and our place in it.

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Project management
Content development and editing
Social Media content curation and programming

Area of interests

Biodiversity and ecosystems
Water service and resource management research
Institutional analysis
Environmental policy analysis
Multi-sectoral partnership brokering and research