I have a university degree in Social Sciences with a specialisation in multicultural relationships and environment.

I have worked as an Executive Assistant for many years in different international companies and the NGO sectors. My previous experience was with WWF where I was running the administration of the Mediterranean branch office of the NGO in Barcelona. There, I was also supporting international events, production and communications. This job especially connected me with many different organizational management realities while giving me also space for creativity.

I am studying for a Master’s Degree in Experiential Humanist Psychotherapy and in Emotion Focused Therapy.

My experiences have allowed me to reinforce my natural skills like problem-solving, flexibility, initiative. I like carrying through with results with passion and precision.

I’m sustainable

I believe in the interlocking principles of the oneness of self and the environment and respect for the dignity of life, which is the basis for our relationship with the environment.

Nature is a unique and fundamental value, and for me, it also has a therapeutic function.

My way of being sustainable starts with food. I take care of what I eat, seasonal, local and local products, respecting the cycles of productivity of the land. I believe that if we change demand, supply changes. I try to use materials that can be recycled and buy clothes with a conscience, and I have discovered that flea markets among friends are a good way to recycle clothes.

The future I want

I want nature to be more present in our cities, and to walk on the beaches without finding plastics on the ground, and that the quality of our air be cleaner for our children.

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