I hold a Masters degree in French and Romance languages and literature from the University of Ljubljana.

I have been actively involved in the work of the EU institutions for numerous years – from a communications trainee to a translator to a project manager. Since 2017, I have been shaping EU education, democracy support policies, and SDG progress through numerous EU projects.

My professional path has led me through many European countries, but the most notable one was Iceland where I was planting trees, fixing hiking paths, and ultimately contributing to nature protection. Seeing positive effects of my work has motivated me to do more, and I have been continuously pursuing this path until today through volunteering projects.

I’m sustainable

My friends often refer to me as “the walker”, because I will walk any distance. For instance, I will walk from one supermarket to another just to find a cucumber that is not wrapped in plastic. That being said – I believe that by taking small steps and making conscious choices, we can go far.

The future I want

I strongly believe that sustainability is a joint effort. If each one of us would make just one small act towards a more sustainable tomorrow, the effect would be remarkable. It can be simply by walking or taking a bike, or by bringing the reusable cup to your favorite coffee place. Every action counts.

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Project management
Content management
Event management

Area of interests

Sustainable development
Circular economy
Energy transition
Biodiversity and ecosystems