Raphael is a journalist with over 10 years of experience having been published by major news outlets such as Al Jazeera, Wired, MIT Tech Review, The Globe and Mail, BBC, DW, among others. He holds a PhD in Human Rights, an MA in Communication and a BA in International Relations and a passion for minority studies and diasporas.

His main areas of interest and expertise include tech, migration, environment, human rights, Brazilian and Spanish politics and Latin culture. He has previously worked as comms officer/expert at Eurocities and AEIDL in several Horizon projects, writing articles, organizing events, managing social media, developing relationships with EU policymakers, mayors, deputy mayors, regional officers, etc and working on deliverables and reports.

He's a football fanatic and a supporter of Brazilian team Vasco da Gama and in his home country he was involved with a series of social movements in defence of human rights and (online) freedom of speech.

I’m sustainable

I pay close attention to the recycling rules in my city, also try to avoid plastic and I focus on organic and local products whenever possible. Coming from Brazil, where sustainability is just starting to come into fashion, even little things look revolutionary. Second-hand stores are heaven to me and I use my clothes until they start falling apart.

The future I want

If we survive climate change (and that’s a big if), I imagine sustainable houses, neighborhoods and cities with local production of energy and food, with local management of resources and greater power of decision for citizens. Communities working together to change their own realities and showing solidarity with others to promote positive change.

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Journalism and communication
Content creation
Social media
Editorial planning
Policy analysis

Area of interests

Empowering citizens
Sustainable and smart mobility
Clean, affordable, and secure energy
Strengthening knowledge
Circular economy initiatives