Priyanka Bhide

Co-Founder and Director

Based in Mumbai

Priyanka Bhide is the Co-founder and Director of Kubernein Initiative – an independent, female-led, geopolitical advisory firm based in Mumbai (India), working to mainstream issues that need greater intellectual capacity and focus. She considers critical questions with a perspective that balances traditionally ‘western’ thought in the field of international relations and diplomacy with new and emerging ideas from the global south. Priyanka comes from a strategy and communications background and has over a decade’s experience working with the private and non-profit sectors in South Asia and North America on a wide range of issues, which include environmental sustainability, development, track two diplomacy, governance, the future of cities, water security and conflict resolution.

I’m sustainable

To recycle/ re-use/re-purpose “things” has always been a way of life for me. Through my wonderful engagement with REVOLVE, I have gained a deeper understanding of sustainable living and concepts of circularity. Previously, I had made significant lifestyle changes including switching to the menstrual cup, choosing products that have environmentally-friendly ingredients, and that are manufactured in a way that is less harmful to the planet.

The future I want

The dream is to move closer to nature, to live a zero-waste lifestyle, and to grow at least some of my own fruits and vegetables.

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Content development
Media relations
Research and Analysis
Strategic partnerships

Area of interests

Clean affordable and secure energy
Farm to Fork
Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Zero pollution, toxic free environments