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Climate adaptation has become one of the main targets for Europe by 2030. As climate change escalates, the EU is facilitating the research and implementation of new societal innovations at the local level to accelerate our resilience. Within the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change, helping to deliver the European Green Deal, 118 regions and communities in Europe participate in the work towards climate resilience. In this context, over 100 organisations have received €50 million from the Horizon Europe programme framework – Research and Innovation actions in support of the implementation of the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission – to address ongoing and forecasted climate change-related challenges to build more resilient European communities.

About Regions4Climate

Regions4Climate plans to implement real climate-resilient innovations created by and for people, in response to the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change. The Regions4Climate project aims to collaboratively develop and demonstrate a socially-just transition to climate resilience. Based on cross-sectoral roadmaps developed together with regional stakeholders, the project will create and implement innovations combining socio-cultural, technological, digital, business, governance, and environmental solutions to reduce the vulnerability of European regions to the impacts of climate change.


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REVOLVE is a valued strategic communication partner on projects related to sustainability, environment and climate. In the Regions4Climate project, REVOLVE have have provided proactive development of a strong brand identity and communications guidelines concomitant with appropriate flexibility considering contextual factors for the very different European regional partners. They have carefully planned a dissemination and communication process in order to generate clear, relevant messages for identified target audiences. The engaging social media content and visually appealing website developed and managed by REVOLVE for the Regions4Climate project are expected to significantly enhance the project’s reach and impact.

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