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EU buildings are responsible for 40% of our energy consumption, but only 1% of the stock undergoes energy renovation yearly. The European Commission’s Renovation Wave Strategy proposes accelerating the renovation rate while making buildings more energy-efficient and less carbon-intensive over their entire lifecycle. Hence, energy independence necessarily involves simpler, quicker, and more affordable renovation processes that allow citizens and stakeholders to act now.


The Holistic Energy and Architectural Retrofit Toolkit (HEART project helped make existing buildings “smarter”, through the application of a multifunctional toolkit. Such a toolkit is able to reduce energy consumption, with overall savings on heating, summer air conditioning and domestic hot water production variable between 60% and 90%, and to improve significantly the ambient comfort for the inhabitants who will be able to manage their consumption directly. The HEART project developed and tested several components that promise to facilitate renovation by using: a multifunctional prefabricated facade system, universal photovoltaic tiles, a high-efficiency water storage tank, direct current smart fan coils and heat pumps, a multi-input/multi-output controller and a cloud-based platform to support decision making and energy management phases.


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Nowadays, we face a huge energy crisis in Europe, and it’s getting hard for tenants to assume the bills. HEART aims to decrease the energy cost for the social housing sector and, most importantly, improve the tenants’ comfort level. The toolkit developed under the HEART project will reduce the investment and risk of the renovation projects. The real-time monitoring features will allow prompt information actions on the system, and cloud-based data management will fully utilise the collected information. Advantages of these key features and the innovative business models developed within the HEART project will further help in scaling up renovation.

Claudio del Pero, Coordinator of HEART

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The HEART project is developing and testing several components that promise to facilitate renovation.



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The HEART project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement N°768921

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