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Maritime transport accounts for about 90% of global trade, and the EU is home to the world’s largest shipping fleet. However, the European shipping industry is facing a challenge where ships are speeding towards their destination, only to arrive at a crowded port and receive instructions to either wait outside the harbour or anchor until port services and a berth are available. Most ports serve ships on a first-come first-served basis, leading to inefficiencies and negative environmental impacts. Moreover, this creates unbalanced port resource utilisation with high peaks leading to severe congestion and logjams that cause rippling effects across industries.
Improving the efficiency of vessels operations arriving at and departing from ports will have a huge impact in the European maritime sector, translating in economic gains for the actors involved (e.g., port authorities, shipping companies, terminal owners, and operators, etc.). It will also have a positive effect in job retention and creation as well as important micro-economic effects since they result into overall welfare and economies of scale.
Decreasing the waiting time of vessels in ports and port areas, accelerating their operations, and thus reducing their fuel consumption will reduce GHG emissions and have considerable benefits for the health and quality of life of near-port communities.


MISSION project aims to digitalise the maritime sector to enhance maritime safety and protect people’s health by decreasing port traffic, associated costs and GHG emissions.

The project will fully digitalise the voyage and port call optimization system to save the waiting time of cargos, increase safety of the maritime sector, and reduce the environmental impacts in ports.

MISSION will contribute to:

  • Air pollution reduction in ports and maritime transport, reducing the health impacts of people living close to ports
  • Improve safety by establishing open digital data exchange
  • Address the optimization of cargo transport
  • Save fuel of up to 10-20% on overall voyage and related costs




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Our Work

We provide the following services and products for this project.


Visual Identity

Development of all the visual elements for the project branding: logo, MISSION colours, typography and templates.



Website development

Creation from scratch of the project website, including the development of content, visuals, architecture and design.
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