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Hundreds of energy community projects have been initiated across the EU since their concept was introduced in legislation through the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package (CEP) in 2019. Designed to deliver on the emissions reduction commitments of the 2015 Paris Agreement, CEP places focus on consumers and energy market design, and CEP aims to engage citizens in the energy transition at a local and regional level. However, once launched, energy community projects often encounter barriers inhibiting their growth and longevity. They are difficult to properly govern and manage, and a set of follow-up sustainability roadmaps has not yet been established to ensure their long-term success. Now, with the REPowerEU Plan aiming to phase out the EU’s reliance on Russian fossil fuels by 2027, the accelerated uptake of innovative and diverse renewable energy initiatives is more important than ever. Energy communities have the potential to lead the change towards a prosumer-led energy market and a fair and just energy transition across the EU.


COMANAGE aims to facilitate sustainability and growth in renewable energy communities by co-creating an open-source toolkit to support their governance and management. Through the engagement of three key case studies in Italy, Poland and Spain, COMANAGE will provide the resources for local and regional governments to encourage the uptake and long-term success of energy communities.


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We are thrilled to have REVOLVE as a project partner, their commitment and contributions are invaluable for the project implementation. In the COMANAGE project, REVOLVE has proven to be a great team member, showing relentless willingness to find solutions that fit everyone's needs and concerns. But most of all, they have shown an unbelievable easiness in creating content, which engages our end-users target and empowers citizens in becoming a key player in the energy transition. With the lead of REVOLVE, we are building a robust project communication strategy which will ensure long-term sustainability and boost replicability.

Cristina Ramos, Project Coordinator from Ecoserveis

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