I currently hold a BSc. in Biotechnology from University College Cork and an MSc. in Science and Health Communication from Dublin City University. My educational journey was one driven by a desire to merge my passion for storytelling with a love for science and the natural world.

During my master’s studies I had the opportunity to volunteer with an Irish environmental group and identified a crucial gap in public understanding surrounding climate change and sustainability. This realization inspired me to harness my passion for science communication in a bid to increase environmental literacy amongst society and empower citizens toward positive change and a more sustainable future.

I’m sustainable

Sustainability is not an inaccessible concept and for me it begins in my own back garden. At home in Ireland, we grow our own fruit and vegetables and keep bees. I am bringing that mindset with me to Brussels where I continue to eat seasonally while also incorporating more sustainable practices like using public transport or walking to wherever I am headed and avoiding fast fashion.

The future I want

My hopes for the future are that we can come together collectively to create an ecologically modern society, a society wherein the importance of economic growth coincides with ecological protection. This might sound like a complicated endeavor, but I believe it’s time to harness our scientific know-how to create a better, more climate conscious future.

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Area of interests

Biodiversity and ecosystems
Empowering citizens
Strengthening knowledge