Belén Gutiérrez Carmona

Correspondent & Communication Officer

Based in Brussels

Belén is a journalist and audio-visual communicator with experience in several Spanish national newspapers and news agencies. She reports for REVOLVE on sustainability and environmental topics, with a special focus on ecosystems. She is experienced in EU-funded projects as well, in which she creates and implements communication strategies, and develops visual and written content.

She holds a Master’s degree in International Journalism from the Ramón Llull University of Barcelona and a Double degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication from San Pablo CEU University of Madrid. Retired basketball player and passionate reader, Belén is keen to translate complex content into clear and understandable messages and to raise the voice of those who need it most.

I’m sustainable

In Spanish we say: the cleaner is not the one who cleans the most, but the one who dirties the least. If we apply this to sustainability, I try to reduce my dirt by traveling by bicycle and public transportation, buying (few) second hand clothes, extending the life of my cell phone and other electronic devices and avoiding plastic as much as possible.

The future I want

Fighting climate change is the great challenge of our time, as globalisation, industrialisation or illustration were our ancestors’ challenges. I hope my generation is up to the task and reaches a great transformation for the world we live and will live in; and I hope we find the courage to overcome the barriers that await us along the way, which will not be few.

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Communication and Dissemination of EU Projects
Content development
Media Relations
Social Media content curation and programming
Event management
Video Editing

Area of interests

Energy and resource efficient buildings
Circular economy initiatives
Increasing climate awareness
Clean, affordable and secure energy